1 Star Member

 Entry Level Support 

£ 4.50

 Per  1 month

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big tick3 Step by step guides for UC, PIP, DLA, AA & more
big tick3 Live Benefits Update Information
big tick3 Access the 1 Star Document Centre
big tick3 Access The FAQ & Factsheets System
big tick3 Questions answered in private within 48 hours


The 1 Star document centre mainly consists of guides, tips, factsheets and partially completed forms, where the 2 star document centre consists of well completed example forms, guidance notes and support documents.


2 Star Member

 VIP Full Support 

£ 10.50

 Per  1 month

city business links network

big tick3 All of the 1 Star benefits plus
big tick3 Dedicated response within 24 Hours (mon-fri)
big tick3 Access all 1 & 2 Star Document Centres
big tick3 Live online consultations with dedicated advisor
big tick3 Access exclusive content & Video Guides
big tick3 Access examples of submission forms
big tick3 Access Example completed questions docs
big tick3 Guides to help challenege Benefits Descisions
big tick3 Trained help to appeal against Benefits Decision

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